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Course Sand


A sub 5 mm washed yellow river sand.

Used for bedding Sand under pavers, mix with cement for concreting, grouting and mortaring. Can be used for topdressing areas but has little nutritional value for the soil or grass. Can mix it with heavy clay soils to help open the structure of the soil.

Crusher Dust


A sub 7mm Blue metal screening

A variety of uses for this product. A base for a level pad for paving, similar to bedding sand, it is sometimes preferred by brickies. A base for laying concrete slabs or water tanks. Used on driveways and paths. The finer Crusher dust can be used for topdressing lawns, due to an accessible element of nitrogen. (Not recommended if a Cylinder mower is used). We recommend lawn top dressing for best results.

Fine Sand


A fine washed yellow river sand.

Good for sandpits, holds its structure better than white sand. Mix with cement for concreting, grouting and mortaring. Can be used for topdressing areas but has little nutritional value for the soil or grass.

Blue Metal Aggregate


A screened crushed blue metal with a consistent size.

The aggregate is crushed and screened at the quarry to a consistent size, making it ideal for various uses. The aggregates can be used for paths, driveways, concreting, drainage pits, and drainage filler in pot plants or stand - alone vegie beds.

Brickies Loam


A fine washed river sand with a higher clay content.

Good for making a sticky mix of grout or mortar. The clay content gives it a stiffer constitution which helps it hold form for rendering.

Road Base


A blended mix of stone and binder.

As named, it is used to make a base for driveways and paths and can also be used to form a strong base to build retaining walls and paved areas. It can be laid down and then have a decorative layer of pebble put on top to dress it up. Best results are achieved when the road base is rolled and compacted using a machine.

White Sand


A very fine washed white sand, similar to Stradbroke White Sand.

Uses: Great for pristine sandpits, although it will need to be kept covered to avoid the product blowing away. Also used for a white mortar in bricklaying or where a white concrete is needed.

Decomposed Granit


Weathered Granite that forms a fine gravel

A creamy coloured Deco that is used for pathways and driveways. It will compact down by 1/3 its volume and may require topping up in the future. For best results we recommend compacting it. It can be stabilised by raking cement powder through it, then compacting. 

Sand and Gravel Premix 10mm


A blend of 10mm blue metal and sand mixed at 3 parts Sand: 2 Parts Blue metal.

Uses: Premixed Sand and Gravel saves you needing to mix your own sand and gravel, just add Cement. The 10mm gravel blend is a good compromise for concreting; it is still coarse enough for basic foundations slabs and can be easily troweled for a fine finish. 

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